10 cities with dropping home prices

10 Cities With Dropping Home Prices

There is some good news for home buyers! After two years of rapidly increasing home prices and a massive seller's market, the tables are slowly turning. We are seeing homes appreciate at a much slower rate and more homes available on the market. All of these make this a more stable market and a good time to buy. We are highlighting the top ten cities that have had the greatest price reductions across the nation. If you are thinking of moving, check this out before you do!

1. Austin, TX (and every local agent and homebuyer we know all said AMEN!)

2. Phoenix, AZ

3. Palm Bay, FL

4. Charleston, SC

5. Ogden, UT

6. Denver, CO

7. Las Vegas, NV

8. Stockton, CA

9. Durham, NC

10. Spokane, WA

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