2020 Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is right around the corner! If you’re anything like us you’re jumping in your rain boots, and you might be a little too excited for spring cleaning.

Anyone else love garage sales? Cleaning every inch of your home? The smell of cleaning products? No? Just us...?

Spring Cleaning might not be the highlight of your season, but we’re sharing four tips to help you accomplish your dreaded cleaning checklist!

1. Deeeeeeeep Clean

You clean your house regularly, but Spring is the season for deep cleaning. Go through your normal routine, and then some! Common places that are forgotten about during Spring Cleaning are areas like the fireplace, the ceiling, and the trashcans! These are all areas that need some TLC at least a couple times a year. Leave no corner un-dusted!

When was the last time you cleaned behind your stove or refrigerator? Yeah. Us too...

2. Declutter

This can be an intimidating task if your space is very cluttered, but it’s not impossible! The biggest mistake people make is trying to do too much at once. If your space is too cluttered to go room by room, go wall by wall or corner by corner! Break your decluttering up into sections that are manageable and won’t overwhelm you.

Go through your sections and ask yourself questions like, “Can I live without this?” and “When was the last time I wore/used this?”

Great places to declutter are closets, cabinets, shelving, garages and sheds.

Ended up with a lot of stuff you don’t need? Consider having a garage sale, passing items on to family and friends, or donating your items to Goodwill!

3. Make Repairs

Did the kids make a hole in the wall 6 months ago? Have you been duck-taping your shower head (or anything)? Bedroom door creaking? Tears in your window screens? Patio need some power washing?

Spring is a great time to make repairs to your home! Increase your homes value and prep it for all of those summertime-get-togethers.

4. Your Yard Needs Some Love Too!

Everyone cleans their house for Spring Cleaning, but what about your yard? Participate in all the garage sales going on in your neighborhood by selling your old things or grabbing some new decor for your yard! Add some new pieces, pull some weeds, freshen up your mulch beds, and add some fantastic curb-appeal.

What’s the first thing you think about when you think Spring? We think FLOWERS! Head to your local garden store and add some color to your yard.

In addition to flowers, March is a great month to plant some of the following Spring crops: Beets, Broccoli, Chard, Collard, Endives, Leaf, Lettuce, Mustard, Parsley, Garden, Peas, Radishes

Spring has sprung everyone! Deep cleaning, decluttering, repairing, and adding curb-appeal to your home are all important things to do when listing a home. Not planning on moving? Give your home some TLC just for yourself! If you haven’t been 100% happy with your home recently, Spring Cleaning is a great way to make your home feel brand new again.

Finished Spring Cleaning and still aren’t 100% happy with your home? Your home is primed for listing now! We really aren’t seeing any downsides to Spring Cleaning this year.

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