Design Trends for Fall 2022

Design Trends for Fall 2022

Hello September! It may not quite feel or look like Fall where we are yet, but it is September and after such a long hot Summer we are ready! We have done our research and have all of the cozy, layered, design trends for your Home Décor plans right here. Hint: all things old are new again. So grab a hot cup of something, cuddle up in a textured knit blanket (with your AC on) and be inspired!

The Layered Look - From the bedroom to the living room, bring some much-needed texture into your space by layering your floor with rugs, and your seats and mattresses with throws and blankets. Think textures, chunky knits, soft fabrics and neutral to rich colors. 

Room Dividers and Partitions – Some people still love the open floor plan, but others are going the way of the past with more closed off spaces and each room functioning separately. If you have an open floor plan and are wanting to create some separate spaces that are on trend, you can look for room dividers from simple to beautiful to accomplish this trend.

Bring the Outdoors In – Whether it is a big change like changing out your windows or installing a patio door to open up your space to the outdoors or simple ones like adding some indoor plants, the outdoors is definitely on trend!

Vintage – Everything that is old is new again, from vinyl records to small appliances. You can thrift for unique finds or buy the modern version of the vintage item to incorporate this into your design scheme.

Rich Warm Color Palette – “It wouldn’t be a round up of fall interior design trends without having some warm and inviting tones in the mix. We can always count on the fall season to bring with it some beautifully rich and deep autumnal tones. The top contenders? It looks like dark reds, oranges and brown tones will be seen here, there and everywhere and we're all for it.”

Return of Rattan – Remember how everything that is old is new again…yes, even the rattan of your mom’s 70’s décor. Rattan brings in the color, texture and outdoor feel to the coziness of your indoors.

Go green – “You could say dark green has become the go-to color for the fall season and beyond. We'd even go so far as to say a dark green hue has become the color of the year. Why? The color signifies renewal, freshness and hope – three things we would happily welcome into our home. Which is why, we're calling it: dark green is the shade that will be spotted all fall long.”

Zen – Create a zen and hygge feel with neutral colors, layers, lighting, candles and soft comfy pieces. Then curl up and enjoy!

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