Design Trends for Summer

Design Trends for Summer

 If you "love Nancy Meyers movies, coastal vibes, recipes and cooking, Ina Garten, cozy interiors, and more," you might be a Coastal Grandma — despite not actually have grandkids. And you could be joining the ranks with Coastal Grandmother style icons Oprah and Diane Keaton in Something's Gotta Give. It’s a term Nicoleta coined to describe this specific, joy-inducing lifestyle and fashion aesthetic where there seems to be some sort of beige sweaters and wide-brim straw hats around every corner.

While this description is which is more geared toward the fashion trend – endorsed even by Martha Stewart – it applies to the interior design trends of Summer as well. Think Palm Springs meets Golden Girls. And who doesn’t love that?

The main ways to achieve this design trend:

  1. Bring the outdoors in – We have seen indoor plants make a huge comeback. The days of cute planters and crocheted hangers of the 70s are back in a big way. People that couldn’t keep a cactus alive are now plant parents and proud of it. Not only do plants provide holistic benefits, they  merge the indoors and outdoors.
  2. Color – While coastal colors lean toward the neutral – and there are a lot of neutrals in this trend – there is also room for fun color. An accent wall, a fun wall paper print, finding an artist you like, are all ways to bring a pop of summer and fun to your designs.
  3. Metallics - f your home is sporting that classic all-white look, make it modern with the summer interior design trends of 2022 – add bright bronze or rose gold accents, breathing new life into a tired, monochromatic room.
  4. The Classic Blue – According to Foyr “The 2022 Pantone Color of the Year is Classic Blue, solidifying this cool trend on every interior designer’s radar. For those who follow interior design trends, this color choice for the summer is no surprise – colors like royal blue and navy blue have been gaining popularity. For example, while the all-white kitchen used to be a classic, now, we’re seeing navy blue cabinetry with golden hardware in the trendiest kitchens. Though it may seem surprising at first, this trend is here to stay, so naturally, it’s cropping up in the top summer interior design trends for 2022. While blue accent walls and dishware are popular year-round, use the summer as a chance to think a bit more outside of the box when it comes to this stylish hue. If you’re confident enough to make kitschy designs feel cool and new, consider incorporating subtle nautical elements into your interior design.”
  5. Boho Chic – This trend has been around for a while and it’s here to stay. Just like plants and crochet, designers have merged the 70s into modern every day design with neutrals and texture and lots of natural elements.
  6. Shabby Chic – Much like Boho Chic, this casual and comfy, yet stylish design trend comes and goes in popularity, but always has a place. Especially in the Summer months.

 So embrace your 70s hippie, your 80s Golden Girl, your Nancy Meyer-Oprah-Coastal Dream House, the RHOBH Palm Beahch trip and your Future Granny for inspiration for your Summer Home Design.

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