Don't Forget to Prep for Freezing Temps

Here in Central Texas we are not as accustomed to freezing temperatures as other areas in our big Lone Star State. However, over the last couple of years we have had our fair share of freezing temperatures to last us a long time - especially since we typically aren't used to them or prepared for them. As we expect a cold front with freezing temps to come tomorrow, we thought we would share some tips to protect your home during freezing temps!

1. Wrap and cover your exterior hose pipes and pipes. You can find inexpensive bib covers at your local hardware store or even use an old t-shirt or dishtowel.

2. Open cabinet doors on exterior walls with plumbing - such as your kitchen sick should it be on an exterior wall.

3. Drip faucets slowly to prevent pipes from freezing.

4. Bring all plants and pets inside. If it's too cold for you - it's too cold for them.

What do you do should a pipe burst?

1. Shut off main water valve.

2. Shut off electricity to the area.

3. Take videos/photos for insurance.

4. Contact plumber. Need a reference? Contact Modern Roots Realty Group for one!

5. Dry area to prevent mold.

What should you get or keep on hand at home?

1. Bottled water

2. Propane

3. Firewood

4. Candles/Matches or Lighters

5. Canned Food

You can even find survival and emergency kits online that include military grade packaged food. For serious preppers, you can even find a small generator to keep for emergencies.

These are all simple and inexpensive ways to prepare and protect you and your home for cold weather - and just simple and smart things to have on hand. We hope you stay safe and warm during the upcoming colder weather and find more time to spend at home with friends and family during these cozy holiday days!


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