Fa La La La Farmhouse! – 5 Easy Tips to a Farmhouse Christmas

Does everyone else feel defeated by Christmas decorating? Where do you even start?!  How much is too much?  How much is too little? Do I decorate the whole house?  Oh gosh, what about the outside?!  We all know that the infamous “farmhouse theme” is still all the rage (and it better be timeless!) and when it comes to farmhouse Christmas decor, a lot of people don’t know what that entails.  So, here you go!  After my trials and tribulations, I have broken down the farmhouse Christmas theme into 5 easy things to incorporate into your home to have your own Christmas Farmhouse.

1. Fa La La La FLOCKED

Yep, flocked trees!  The best part about these babies are that you can decorate them or leave them bare.  They are beautiful with or without decoration and they bring in that rustic/farmhouse vibe.

2. Pops of Plaid!

By all means, don’t make your home look like a lumberjack… but incorporating pops of plaid gives a rustic feel.  You can even put it on your pups!  I personally also like to bring in some turquoise elements here and there to give a vintage touch.

3. Natural Feels

Bringing in natural elements such as branches, birch logs, and pine cones brings out some warmth and coziness!  You can put these things in buckets, vases, make a table centerpiece, or use them as mantle decor.

4. Vintage Flair and Felt

I love it when things don’t necessarily look new.  I inherited a vintage Santa hot cocoa set that works perfectly on our buffet.  I also have collected some vintage post cards from different antique shows that I used as decor here and there and could even make a pretty cool garland out of.  Incorporating felt here and there also gives an old time feel such as my “Merry Christmas” banner.

5. Galvanized and Glitter

I don’t know what doesn’t say farmhouse/country more than a galvanized bucket…  Olive buckets are great to use to hold your natural elements.  I also got a cool galvanized tree skirt from Hobby Lobby, little galvanized houses in the dollar section at Target, and a galvanized banner for the mantle from an antique show.  Adding hints of glitter also brings in a vintage hue.  I try not to bring in too much or I’ll never hear the end of it from my husband, but I definitely snuck in some glittery ornaments and bottle brush trees.

That’s a wrap!  Aw lawd, I haven’t even started wrapping!!!  From our home to yours, we wish you a very blessed Christmas full of love and laughs.

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