Growth in Hays County

Growth in Hays County

“I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” – Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

Austin was a well-kept secret for a long time. A small-town vibe in a big city focused on keeping it weird, local business and discovering the next band from obscurity. Then came the celebrities, but thankfully those early celebrities appreciated the uniqueness of Austin and kept it on the download. Then came the Tech Companies. Then came a global pandemic, the current Real Estate Market and the mass exodus of California. Then even more celebrities. Austin is no longer a secret and it no longer has a small town vibe. This hasn’t been contained to just Austin. It has carried over into its surrounding areas, as Austin Real Estate prices hit an all-time high and availability hit an all time low.

In 2020, the U.S. census data showed Hays County as the fastest-growing county in nation. The county grew by 83,960 residents in the decade to 241,067. With more and more growth happening since then and experts analyzing what that means for Hays County, Hays CISD was just able to pass their 2022 Bond. According to KVUE News, the $115 million bond was put on the ballot as a result of the district's continued growth. Hays CISD said the bond was needed as schools fill up with new students moving to the area. The bond will go toward building the district's 16th elementary school and designing its 17th as two of the elementary schools are set to hit student capacity in the next couple of years. Without new school buildings built, the district's elementary schools are expected to hit capacity by 2025. 

Is this growth all bad? With this growth, also comes more Real Estate inventory as new home builders and communities come to Hays County. We are seeing an increase of new construction again and even more listings hitting the market. This also brings more businesses to the area which also means more job opportunities – the Austin area is leading in bringing in business headquarters and jobs for new college graduates.

There are pros and cons to growth and usually always growing pains. Stay in the know and get involved in your community. Your voice matters as we move forward trying to find balance in the growing pains together. Modern Roots Realty Group is here to help you navigate it.


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