How to Add Interest to Your Garden

We’ve all seen the wrong way to add “art” to a yard; pink flamingos, cement deer, and colorful gnomes are all examples of what NOT to do. Yet adding interesting sculptures, fountains, pots, or art is a great way to add detail and enhance your garden. By following a few tips, you can easily bring these elements into your yard.

  • Location – Place your art carefully, considering how it will look from all sides and areas of the yard.
  • Neighborhood – Consider any possible violations of your homeowner’s association rules.
  • Prune – Make sure your art is always on display by pruning plants away from the piece.
  • Lighting – Add some special lighting to show off the art, fountain, or sculpture.
  • Don’t Mix Styles – The piece should complement your home and garden. Don’t add an ultra-modern fountain to a home built in the Tuscan style, for instance.
  • Size and Scale – Avoid small art pieces that are difficult to see. Look for elements of the same scale as your yard.
  • Materials – Watch for materials that will last. Plastic fountains and pots will deteriorate over the next few years after exposure to weather.
Finally, find things you love. A well-placed sculpture, art piece, or fountain can enhance your garden. Whether the focal point of the space or tucked away in a private garden, art pieces and structures make your home as unique as you are.

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