Kate Traver w/ The Mercantile @ Buda Mill & Grain

Small businesses are the backbone of communities in today’s world. Meet Kate Traver. Kate traded in her corporate grind for the small town American Dream of owning her own business. She saw the opportunity with the revitalization of the Buda Mill & Grain where she opened the Mercantile Mill & Grain in Buda in October 2018. Having grown up in Houston, moving to Driftwood, Texas is a whole new pace of life for her, but is welcomed and appreciated. Her style and skills have made her shop a popular and successful one.

Left to right: Amanda Rickman, Kate Traver & Laura O’Brien

From the moment you walk in, you are immediately welcomed by not only Kate’s warm smile, but the smell of the popular Pumpkin Sage candle, which we were lucky enough to purchase the last one. Her shop offers a variety of products. From hip women’s clothing to farmhouse kitchen items ...this is THE place for fun and unique gifts; and certainly for the folks with an obsession for the farmhouse style. Kate hand picks everything in her store and she’s big on offering and supporting other local companies and their products.

From local vendors to well-known brands (such as ABLE), she provides them all. Farrah B, an Austin-based company, creates unique jewelry...necklaces, earrings, rings, etc. Andalusia is a popular distillery located in Blanco, Texas, just 45 miles west of Austin and the softest blankets from Caldera Supply Co out of Fredericksburg, Texas.

Kate is great with getting the locals out and about...always having some sort of gathering, which in turn helps other local businesses.

Make sure you follow her on all the social media platforms (linked below). She keeps us all in the know of what’s to come!



Kate and her shop have been an asset to the Buda Mill & Grain in and certainly to us locals. We wish her and the shop all the success!!

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