Pricing a Home in a Stable Market

Pricing Your Home in a Stable Market

The Fall selling season has come. Unfortunately, those home sellers
who were looking forward to sky-high prices and multiple offers may be
disappointed to find that the market has shifted. In a stable market, pricing a home becomes critical to success. Who you work with becomes crucial - make sure they know and understand your local market and price with that understanging in mind. Modern Roots Realty Group knows their local market and have a pricing strategy backed by data.

Pricing your home in a stable market

The first step is to realize the market has changed. Buyers will not overpay for a home in an uncertain market. Whereas just a few months ago it might have made sense to “test the market” and set an aggressive price, sellers who try that strategy today will lose valuable time, risking an even slower market when the home sells.

Home Value Truths

· What you paid for your home doesn’t affect its value.

· Your asking price does not affect its value.

· What it might have sold for 2 months ago does not affect its value.

· What your agent tells you about price does not affect its value.

The value of your home is determined by what a qualified buyer in today’s market is willing to pay for it, comparing it to others on the market for sale.

Pricing Strategy in a Softening Market

Your pricing strategy should be the same, regardless of whether you are in an accelerating or declining market – to price the home ahead of the market. In a declining market, that means you should price your home slightly below the most recent comp. Using this strategy, you will demonstrate to buyers that you understand the value of your home and are serious about getting it sold quickly. This puts you in the best position to maximize your selling price in the current market climate.

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