A Renovation Story - The Blended Farmhouse Behind the Scenes

A Renovation Story - The Blended Farmhouse Behind the Scenes

One of our team members recently purchased their dated but full of potential 1990's home and renovated it into their dream farmhouse for their newly blended family. Renovations can be stressful, but also a lucrative investment and worth it for emotional and financial reasons. She shared their renovation story behind the scenes for us!

We have renovated. We have moved in. We have blended. We are not farming, but it looks like we could. The rennovations are mostly complete and we couldn't be happier in our little blended farmhouse.

We decided to get married, move in and blend the summer after our two oldest graduated from high school and were getting ready to move out and into college. We knew it was a great time to sell and we knew we had to be smart in how we bought. We plan on staying in our home for at least 10 years, so we were willing to spend a little more and we were willing to rennovate to make it ours, knowing that down the road we will have enjoyed it and built equity with the improvements and time.

We both loved the neighborhood we chose. It is an older neighborhood with one acre lots and lots of mature trees. I will never grow tired of seeing groups of deer every day in our yard. The first thing to consider in Real Estate (after you establish your budget) is Location, Location, Location. It is the one thing you cannot change and it matters. So, we had our budget and our location. I had the vision. It was a home built in 1990 and hadn't been updated much since then. I envisioned painting the red brick exterior to a modern white painted brick, removing the dated railings and replacing them with cedar columns and adding cedar shutters, painting the brown wood trim and doors to a light bright white, painting the neutral tan walls to a neutral grey, and replacing all the dark brown tile flooring to a family friendly grey laminate wood panel flooring. I knew that a lot of paint and some new flooring would go a long way to update this 90's ranch style home.

We weren't sure if opening up and rennovating the kitchen was in our budget, but thankfully our contractor worked with us to get it done! Opening up the kitchen wall to the family room to create an open layout made such a difference!! It makes the whole space feel bigger and up to date.

There was one big sunroom that had been added onto the patio off the back of the house. It was a great extra space for our two college kids who (hopefully) won't be living at home full time again, but will (hopefully) come back to visit a lot. We decided to divide the one big room into two smaller functioning rooms. While the girls are at college, one room is a TV room for the rest of the kids and one room is my home office. When the girls are home from college they each get their own room and space.

We added on a patio for our hot tub and seating around it and will be adding a sliding patio door in the main bedroom that will open out to this outdoor space. After this small part, we will be done with rennovations for a long time and will finally have to focus on the almost acre of land and landscaping.

We are in love with our little Blended Farmhouse and our little blended family. It just goes to show that a little vision, a lot of paint and minor details like affordable lighting and fixtures can make a huge difference.

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