The Nest at its Best: Deck out your Deck!

Chris wasn’t thinking when he woke up one day and decided he was going to whip out a deck off of our back porch.  Who just knows how to do that???  Now I’m like…. what else can I have you build (as I twiddle my fingers)?  Ha!  But really, check out the progress!  If it would stop raining for a few days, maybe he can get it done….  And I’ll just add a pic of my dog already enjoying it for cute-ness :).

As I look at our deck getting closer to being completed, I noticed that it looks pretty… well… blah.  I started exploring ideas on how to deck out our deck and I found so many things you can do and decided to share my faves!

  • Unique Furniture

There is always your normal expensive patio furniture that typically gets destroyed by the outdoor elements after a couple of years.  Since I seem to have a handy husband, I came across his next project (lol).  I love the idea of turning water troughs into furniture!  A bench is super fun and you can add flair with cushions. I also liked the idea of a trough coffee table that could also be storage to store your cushions in when they aren’t being used.  And what about this trough that’s made to hold wood for your BBQ pit?  Yep… #need.

  • Seating Choices

Why be boring with all the same chairs when you can have choices?  Along with the water trough bench, there are other options to mix it up.  My friends and I just got back from Port Aransas, and there was a new bar that had swings as their seating (um… fun!).  I also like the idea of outdoor poufs and macrame hanging chairs.  Another project for the husband….  I need an added arbor that you can hang swing seating on…. thanks!

  • Plants on Plants on Plants!

This brings me back to one of my last posts and incorporating some of those unique planter options such as cinder blocks, troughs, re-purposed antique items, chicken feeders, etc…  Spice it up!

  • Let there be light!

I cannot get enough of the big strings of outdoor bulbs.  The only problem with these is possibly having to switch them out with new ones periodically with weather.  I haven’t found a brand that holds up super well, so any pointers on that is greatly appreciated.

  • Rugs and Pillows

Here is where you add your pops of color and create more of a themed deck with patterns etc…  There are so many fun rugs and cushions made for the outdoors.  Target, World Market, Rugs USA… all great sources!

There they are, all of my faves!  Once we get our deck done, we can move into sprucing our yard into something that doesn’t look like a rattlesnake haven.  Stay tuned as things start to flourish (hopefully sooner than later).

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