Tips to Protect Your Home From Flood Risks

Tips to Protect Your Home from Flood Risks

Your home does not need to be in a designated flood zone to be affected by water intrusion and damage. If you were in Texas during the Snow Storm this year, you know this to be true, as so many people were affected by plumbing and leak issues because of the freeze. It's not something we typically have to deal with in the Central Texas area, but home ownership - and weather - can bring lots of unexpected surprises.

The process to repair and retrofit water damage costs homeowners millions of dollars each year. Regardless of the location of the home, simple checks and changes can help protect your property from flood and water damage before the storm comes.

• Research – It’s time to become a water detective. Look for dangers in and around the home. Check drainage and look for water sources that could overflow, such as a nearby stream. Check with your local authorities also for floodplain plans and tips.

• Know your Resources – Review and understand your homeowner’s insurance to make sure you have adequate coverage. The National Flood Insurance Program will also pay homeowners up to $1000 for floodavoidance measures, such as sandbags or plywood if a flood warning is declared in your area.

• Protect – Consider hiring an expert to come and offer suggestions. This can be as simple as adding gutters or better drainage. Flood barriers, shields, and wet-proofing products can help provide a barrier against water intrusion.

Don't wait for the next storm to come...prepare now by learning how to protect and maintain your home from weather, damage and potential issues. Maintaining your home is the best way to take care of your biggest investment.

Spending some time and effort now can save you thousands of dollars of damage when the storms come. Regardless of where you live, water damage can occur quickly. Preparing your home in advance will help protect your valuable property from floods and water damage.

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