Unique Planter Ideas for Summer

We’re all trapped at home, but that doesn’t mean we have to be trapped inside! Here are three of the cutest planter ideas we could find. Grab your dirt and your plants, and enjoy the sunshine this week.

1. Cinder Block Station!

The best part of this design is that it’s entirely yours! Paint and arrange the blocks in any way you’d like to bring something truly original to your yard.

2. Troughs Aren’t Just For Horses

Anyone else hate keeping up with their yard? Then this one is for you! Use water troughs (or any container) as large planters! Put them up on the porch, or lay down some rocks and use these planters to add some greenery to your grass-free yard.

3. Trinket Planters

Decluttering your house? Did you buy something from a garage sale because you fell in love with it, but it’s been sitting in your shed for a year? Use it as a planter! These items really bring a unique touch to your yard, and work great for adding some plants to your porch or downsizing on your mowing-area.

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