What Are Your Real Estate Goals?

What Are Your Real Estate Goals?

Invariably, the first time you meet or speak to your real estate agent, the same prompt starts the conversation: “tell me about yourself and your real estate goals.” Seems simple enough to answer. “I need more space” or “I’m ready to downsize” are common answers.

 While these answers may be at the heart of the decision for change, they neglect to provide the concrete data your agent needs to identify the right prospective homes. A big lifetsyle change oftentimes is the main reason for considering a big move. 

Before meeting with your agent, consider the specifics of what you need. For example, when explaining that you need more space, be specific about what that means. Do you need more bedrooms for a home office or a new baby? Would you like to have a larger kitchen or a bigger yard? In other words, what does “space” mean to you? 

Discuss specifics about your lifestyle as well. Would one “great room” be a better configuration than separate living and dining areas? Would you like to live close to a park or school? Would you value a private, gated community?

Not sure? That's what we are here for! We are there to help you determine and differentiate your needs and your wants. We want to provide you the best options to tour - by having clearer conversations upfront, you can save valuable time and find the right home faster.

We know that this is so much more than a transaction or a move - it's a big life change and you are trusting us to be a part of it. We have an informative Buyer's Guide that will help you begin the process and will walk alongside of you throughout. 

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