What To Do With Shipping Boxes

If you're anything like us, you did a lot of online shopping this holiday season (or just like, the whole year). Online shopping is convenient, and especially in the midst of the pandemic, it might be your best option. But did you know that the US alone produced over 33 million tons of corrugated boxes in 2018!? That's a lot of boxes, and a lot of trees!

So what can we do? Recycling is always a great option, but it too uses up a lot of resources. Below are 5 options for reusing all of those shipping boxes that don't fit in your recycling bin.

1. Cardboard Cat House!

Everyone knows that cats love boxes--so why not pass down your shipping boxes to them! Keep it simple, or go all out with a personalized cat house, cat condo, or cat playhouse

2. Gift Boxes

Why spend money on gift boxes and bags when the item shipped in a perfectly sized box! Use your shipping boxes as gift boxes--and save them for next year!

3. Save Them For Shipping

Do you ship items often? Do you run an ecommerce store? Save the shipping supplies that you recieve and reuse them! Reusing items to their full life is the best way to stop waste.

4. Pack Up Donations

Did you get a lot for Christmas? Just feel like cleaning out the house? Use the shipping boxes to organize, pack up, and drop off the items at your nearest nonprofit! 

5. Arts and Crafts!

Have kids? In the mood for some relaxing arts and crafts? Break out the scissors, glue, and construction paper and let your imagination create something wonderful out of a simple cardboard box!

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